Phoenix was thought up late one night by Stan & Diego, after realising there was something missing in their current VTC. The idea of family and community was something that was really important from the very start - and that's how Phoenix was born!

We are a very active VTC within TruckersMP, attending many events and also hosting our own! Our members always come first, meaning we'll regularly ask them what it is they'd like to see or if they have any suggestions. Furthermore, the entire Phoenix Team works tirelessly to ensure every single member enjoys their time here. Members also gain full access to our Discord, custom technology and other exclusive content!

Our staff team is handpicked, with some of the most experienced people in the VTC world! Between us we can provide amazing experiences and forge long-lasting memories. At Phoenix we believe in forward thinking and excellence, pushing the boundaries of what is possible! We are relatively new VTC, but we have grown fast and are still continuing to develop, making Phoenix a very exciting place to be.

And that's about it so far! We're hoping to bring many more exciting opportunities in the future, and are working as hard as we can to do so. If you're interested in joining, or just want to be apart of our community, feel free to join our Discord and say hi!

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We are very active within the TruckersMP Community, attending lots of Public Events as well as hosting our own.

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Awesome Community

At Phoenix we believe that VTCs are meant to come together and create new memories.

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