A recap of our July Convoy



Sun, Jul 25, 2021 6:00 PM

Last Monday we hosted our July Convoy. Sadly, due to other commitments that kept us busy, we didn't host an event in June. But we're back in action now!

We've started off in Paris, where we've seen some beautiful sights in the capital of France. We then headed north-east towards Hamburg, northern Germany, while traveling through Belgium and the Netherlands first. What a relaxing and enjoyable drive that was, across some sensational roads.

With lots of VTCs attending and over 70 attendees on TruckersMP, I think it's safe to say that we can call this event a success once again.

A huge thanks to all the VTCs that attended, we hope that you enjoyed our event:

  • Global Cargo
  • Prime Logistics
  • Red Line Cargo
  • Project Cargo VTC
  • Wolves™
  • B&Č Transport
  • And all other VTCs

Enjoy some awesome pictures below, and we hope to see you all next month ❤️

Photo: Chaotic Control


Photo: Chaotic Control


Photo: Vicc


Photo: [Wolves] Kenny™


Photo: [Prime] Fuaad