A Week On!

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Mon, Jan 18, 2021 9:45 PM

It's been a week now since we opened Phoenix, and I couldn't be happier! Personally, I've massively enjoyed being able to drive with lots of old friends, and also new people, around various different routes and countries. We're massively thankful to everyone who's embraced us, and welcomed Phoenix to this community! So here is our rundown of last week:

Opening Day

Since Saturday 9th, we've had a tremendous number of applications and now sit at 70 members on our TruckersMP Page! This is an absolutely awesome milestone, and something we never expected to happen so quickly. We care so deeply about our members, and it's great that we'll be able to take this new journey together! Applications remain open, and we look forward to hopefully welcoming many more members.

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'Pride of the Fleet' - Our Phoenix Scania 730S Credit: steviep04

Phoenix at Events

So far, we've held 3 convoys for our drivers, and attended 3 public events! Yesterday we attended Harmony Convoys , which was an action-packed journey. The attendance of public events is something that means a lot to us, as at Phoenix we believe that VTCs are meant to come together and create new memories - not close ourselves off and drive alone! We've already booked a lot of events in the calendar, so we hope to see you then.

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PhoenixVTC attending TruckersFM's January Convoy Credit: Diego

But most of all, we're looking forward to the future! Hopefully this is just the start, and you'll see us around in the years to come. Stay safe, and give us a flash on the road!

Stan & the Phoenix Team