#HaulingHope - Doing Our Bit

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Fri, Jan 29, 2021 8:52 PM

About a year on from when many of us heard the term 'coronavirus' for the first time, many countries and people continue to battle the virus. Although it is far from over, there is now hope in the form of new vaccines, that could help defeat this pandemic once and for all! Phoenix and many other members of the community have been taking part in SCS' Hauling Hope Event, across ATS and ETS2. This is not about whether you believe in vaccines or not, but about everybody coming together and lending a hand. Throughout this pandemic, I have seen the community here blossom, and met some awesome people! Lots of our drivers have been driving on TruckersMP, and delivering their loads together. It's at times like this we can come together, no matter who we are, and show our solidarity!

Here's a few images of us delivering COVID-19 vaccinations:

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'Delivering with Friends - Phoenix and Global Cargo on the road together! Credit: PallePuh

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Our driver Jeffkex heading out with his beautiful Scania R 730 Credit: Jeffkex

Eurotrucks2 2021 01 21 21 25 32

A sneak-peek at our upcoming singleplayer skins! Credit: Stini

So thank you everyone who's taken part in the event so far, and of course a massive thank you to all the essential workers doing this for real! If you see us out on the road with a Hauling Hope Trailer, be sure to give us a flash! Stay safe everyone, and see you soon :)

Stan | Phoenix CEO