Phoenix Weekly Rewind #5

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Tue, Mar 23, 2021 2:50 PM

Hi everyone! Welcome to Phoenix's Weekly Rewind, after a week's hiatus we return after a very busy week of convoys. At Phoenix we love events and aim to attend lots of public events each month, as well as hosting our own monthly public convoy and regular private member convoys. In this update we cover all of the events from the last seven days, enjoy!

JJ's UK Road Trip - Monday 15th March

We kicked off the week with a private event, our newly promoted Senior Events Team member JJMartin took members on a trip along the length of the UK starting in Aberdeen, Scotland, the assembled convoy then proceeded towards Plymouth, England via Edinburgh, Newcastle, Sheffield and London.

Photo: klaucaans #koleka

Photo: klaucaans #koleka

Photo: klaucaans #koleka

Photo: klaucaans #koleka

RLC Weekly Convoy - Tuesday 16th March

Always popular with our members are the weekly RLC convoys, we usually attend at least once a fortnight, and a great time is always had by our members. This time the convoy took place in Italy. From our booked slot at the Container Port in Ancona the convoy headed to Milan via a circuitous route taking in the northern tip of Rome as well as Livorno and Palma. A big thanks as always to RLC for their excellent events.

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Photo: RLC - shodon108

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Photo: Cupid

Phoenix Monthly Public Convoy - Wednesday 17th March

It was that time of the month again - time to hold our monthly public convoy! It was a pleasure to welcome a plethora of drivers to our event including an impressive number of drivers from our partner VTC Global Cargo, as well a selection of drivers from smaller VTC's as well as some independant drivers. The convoy travelled through the heart of rural France from Nantes to Montpellier passing some very scenic locations.

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Photo: Matthew

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Photo: Vicc

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Photo: JJMartin

Global Cargo Monthly Convoy - Thursday 18th March

Following our own public event it was time to attend that of our partner VTC Global Cargo, their event this month took place on Promods with a route around Scotland, a great time was had by all of our members in attendance, and we'd like to send a big thanks to the team at GC for their warm welcome <3

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Photo: Killaquito

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Photo: Cupid

Arab Transport Monthly Convoy - Friday 19th March

We rounded off the week with a visit to the Arab Transport monthly convoy for a nice drive in Scandinavia. Starting in Kristiansand and ending in Örebro we drove through some amazing scenery in Norway and Sweden. Thanks to Arab Transport for a great route.

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Photo: Diego

TruckersFM Monthly Convoy - Sunday 21st March

The weekend's big event was the monthly TruckersFM convoy, always one of the main highlights on our events calendar. We had lots of members in attendance for the enjoyable drive from Leipzig to Graz. Once again TruckersMP created a custom parking area for the start of the event and we were delighted to be given a spot in Slot 1 this month, a big thanks to TruckersFM and TruckersMP for the efforts they go to every month to make these events so enjoyable!

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Photo: Chaotic Control

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Photo: Chaotic Control

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Photo: Chaotic Control

That's it for this week. If you would Phoenix to attend your event, or if you have any questions about our events team pop into our Discord or email [email protected]