Phoenix Weekly Rewind #8

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Mon, Apr 19, 2021 1:00 PM

Welcome to the 8th edition of our Weekly Rewind. We've been doing some awesome things in TruckersMP the last week, so be sure to take a look here! In this update, we will cover all of the events we have hosted and attended this week:

RLC Convoy - Tuesday 13th April

Once again, we kicked off the week attending a weekly event held by our good friends at RLC. Currently, we are attending this convoys bi-weekly, as our members enjoy them so much. This time, we went on an amazing route in Italy, starting in Taranto!

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Phoenix Monthly Public Convoy - Wednesday 14th April

This was a very special event for us! Every month we host a convoy for the community and our members, and this one was a brilliant event! We had our biggest attendance ever with over 70 people signed up on the TruckersMP Events Page! It was a roaring success, with many VTCs attending! You can find details on our Phoenix May Convoy by clicking here!


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Forza Logistics One Year Anniversary - Friday 16th April

To kick off Friday evening, we joined many people in the community in wishing Forza Logistics a big happy birthday! To mark the occasion, we attended their One Year Anniversary Convoy, held in France. It was great to see lots of other VTCs, and to celebrate together. You can see us parked here with our partners and friends, at Global Cargo!

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GökBörü™️ April Convoy - Saturday 17th April

To head into the weekend, we attended a brilliant convoy hosted by GökBörü™️. This event saw us meeting up in Clermont-Ferrand in France, and heading on a great route! Our drivers really enjoyed

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ETS2: Harmony Convoys | April 2021 - Sunday 18th April

To send us into Sunday evening, we attended the monthly instalment of Harmony Convoys! We really like these events, as they are all about bringing the community together! This is a passion we also share at Phoenix, and something we aim to do everyday. This event saw us set off from La Rochelle and take some awesome roads to our destination. We'll certainly be seeing Harmony again next month!

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I'm afraid that's it for this week! If you would Phoenix to attend your event, or if you have any questions about our Events Team pop into our Discord or email [email protected]