Phoenix Weekly Rewind #9

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Mon, May 3, 2021 1:00 PM

Welcome to the 9th edition of our Weekly Rewind. Sadly we had to miss an issue last week, but we're back with lots of content for you - read on to see what Phoenix got up to:

Vicc's German Expedition - Monday 26th April

To start the week. Vicc from our Events Team hosted a convoy exploring Germany! It was really nice to have a private event, and for our members to relax and explore some of the beautiful roads in this area. Below you'll find some photos of the trucks we drove, with lots of our members opting for something a little different this time.

227300 20210426193625 1

Credit: Cupid

227300 20210426193652 1

Credit: Cupid

RLC Convoy - Tuesday 27th April

A steady event on our calendar is certainly RLC's convoys! These events are one of our favourites to attend due to the great members and staff team at RLC, and also the smoothness we always experience at their events. For this journey, we travelled through the Viva La France DLC, starting in Nice and ending in Limoges! Sadly we didn't get many pictures of this one, but of course, it was another excellent event.

227300 20210426193625 1

Credit: BusTruckSIM

ICG April Convoy - Thursday 29th April

Between the RLC Convoy on Tuesday and this event, TruckersMP released their support for v1.40! You'll definitely see a notable difference in screenshots from this point onwards, as this update contained an all new lighting engine. This event was led by ICG, and we enjoyed testing out 1.40 - take a look!

227300 20210429172804 1

Credit: Cupid

20210429211305 1

Credit: BusTruckSIM

227300 20210429202640 1

Credit: Cupid

Viva Trucking DWTK April - Friday 30th April

To send us into the weekend, we spent Friday Evening attending Viva's 'Drive with the Kings' public event. This saw us depart from Zurich, Switzerland and take a trip to Salzburg in Austria. This convoy ended up being a long one, so it was nice for our drivers to catch up with one-another and really experience v1.40 in both the dark and the light!

227300 20210430184247 1

Credit: Jeffkex

Ets2 20210430 182922 00

Credit: Andy

In an additional news post, we will talk more about the v1.40 update, and also share some images from the #TMP7 celebrations! But for now, I'm afraid that's it! If you would Phoenix to attend your event, or if you have any questions about our Events Team pop into our Discord or email [email protected]