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Monthly Update

So Long January!

Wow, what a month... Here at Phoenix, 2021 certainly started with a bang! Since our opening on the 9th January, we have amassed lots of wonderful new drivers. We're now sitting on 72 members in our VTC which is absolutely staggering, and far beyond our...

02 Feb 7:26 PM | Stan
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#HaulingHope - Doing Our Bit

About a year on from when many of us heard the term 'coronavirus' for the first time, many countries and people continue to battle the virus. Although it is far from over, there is now hope in the form of new vaccines, that could help...

29 Jan 8:52 PM | Stan
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Phoenix Monthly Convoy (January 30th, 2021)

Phoenix invites you to join us for our monthly event for January. We will start in the city of Munich and make our way South through the Alps towards Milan and then head back North. We will drive through the German countryside before ending our...

19 Jan 5:23 PM | Andy
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A Week On!

It's been a week now since we opened Phoenix, and I couldn't be happier! Personally, I've massively enjoyed being able to drive with lots of old friends, and also new people, around various different routes and countries. We're massively thankful to everyone who's embraced us,...

18 Jan 9:45 PM | Stan
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Phoenix at the TruckersFM January Convoy

Following the opening of Phoenix VTC on Saturday 9th January 2021 we were thrilled to be able to attend the TruckersFM January Convoy the following day, it was our very first attendance at a public convoy and our drivers did not disappoint, with a whopping...

12 Jan 6:44 PM | Andy
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