Section 1 ‒ Community Rules

Rule 1 ‒ 'Member Disrespect'
We want this server to be a safe and happy environment for everyone, members who are
unreasonably or excessively rude, or show signs of harassment towards a certain member
will be met with a warning and potentially further action should the matter persist.

Toxicity is not a good thing, and if someone asks you to stop, be polite and honour their

Rule 2 ‒ 'Discrimination'
Discriminatory language, bullying, verbal abuse, insults, hate speech or threats towards
others is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Rule 3 ‒ 'Inappropriate Content'
Posting any content on the Phoenix Community server that can be considered inappropriate, vulgar, indecent, disgusting, or generally NSFW will not be tolerated.

This rule extends to text content, images and videos as well as emotes. If it is questionable, do not post it.

Members should also ensure that they comply with Discord’s Terms of Service:

Rule 4 ‒ 'Personal Information'

We respect the privacy of other users, as should you. Sharing anything that could be considered private information is prohibited on this server. This includes (but is not limited to) IP addresses, any media (such as images or videos) of the user in real life, e-mail addresses, social media.

Rule 5 ‒ 'Advertising'
Advertising for the sake of personal gain is prohibited. This rule includes (but not limited to) asking for donations, sharing referral sites & discord servers. Punishment is warranted depending on the magnitude of your offense, including a permanent ban from the Phoenix Community. Always ask a staff member if you are unsure of what is considered advertising.

Rule 6 ‒ 'Posting Etiquette'
Members are expected to think before posting. Anything considered as spammy, vulgar or unreasonably disrespectful is grounds for a warning. Members are not permitted to speak in a non-English language in text channels, however an exception is made -channel where a small amount of non-English is permitted. Keep swearing to a minimum. We do not mind if you swear on occasion, however, please do not curse excessively.

Rule 7 ‒ 'Alternate Accounts'
Alternate accounts are not permitted without expressed permission from the Phoenix Human Resources team.
The impersonation of staff or any other member of this server, whether by use of alternate account or the editing of an established account is not permitted.

Rule 8 ‒ 'Backseat Moderation'
Do not backseat moderate. Our Human Resources team are dedicated to moderating the Discord server, therefore, while your intentions to assist are appreciated, they are not needed. If you have concerns about the conduct of another member please contact a member of our Human Resources team.

Rule 9 ‒ 'Respect Staff Decisions'
Respect all staff decisions. Members of staff reserve the right to act at any time they deem necessary. Should you disagree with the actions taken, please contact a member of our Human Resources team.

Rule 10 ‒ 'Voice Channel Annoyance'
Being irritating in any of the voice channels is grounds for a warning. Users can be irritating by being overly loud, playing music without the permission of other members or by using a voice changer, etc.

Rule "0" ‒ 'Common Sense'
Do not do anything that harms, threatens, or misguides our environment, policies, interests, or server members.

Section 2 ‒ VTC Specific Rules

Rule V1 ‒ 'VTC Entry Policy'
To become a member of Phoenix VTC you must meet the following requirements.

-Be over 16 years of age.
-Have 75 hours in American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, or a combination of both games.
-Have no TruckersMP bans within the past three months.
-Be willing to log jobs and agree to meet our activity requirement of 1000km (620miles) per month.
-Must speak English.

Rule V2 ‒ 'VTC Membership Requirements'

To be considered a member of Phoenix VTC you must have met the VTC Entry Policy, submitted a Membership Application Form ( and been accepted as a member by our recruitment team.

If accepted as a Phoenix VTC member, you must become a member of our VTC page on TruckersMP ( and a member of Phoenix VTC on TrucksBook* for job logging (

Only once all these conditions are met do you become a full Phoenix VTC member.

*please note that we will be introducing our own custom job logging software soon, the use of TrucksBook is a temporary solution to allow us to open the VTC to members in a timely fashion.

Rule V3 ‒ 'VTC Disciplinary System'
Phoenix VTC operates a two-strike system, this applies to all violations within the VTC, in the Discord community and in external environments such as when driving in TruckersMP. 

All sanctions are independently voted for by our Human Resources team to ensure fairness.

Members may initially receive a written warning for minor violations; this will be followed by a Strike 1 for subsequent violations. Once a Strike 1 is applied any further violations will result in a Strike 2 (Removal). 

Depending on the severity of the violation we reserve the right to bypass lesser sanctions and proceed straight to Strike 1 or Strike 2 Removal if deemed necessary. 

All sanctions will be applied to the members account for a set time of either 3, 6, 12 months or permanently, depending on the severity of the violation. If the member maintains a clean record with no further HR interventions during the sanction period it will be removed from the members account upon expiration.

Rule V4 ‒ 'Player tag and company paintjob'
Use of the Phoenix player tag and paintjob is required during all official events. When driving outside of events use of the player tag and paintjob are not mandatory, however we highly encourage their use so you can represent Phoenix VTC with pride!

Rule V5 ‒ 'Monthly driving requirement'
To maintain your membership and avoid becoming inactive we require all Phoenix VTC members to log jobs totalling a minimum distance of 1000 kilometres (621 miles) per month. Should you be unable to meet this requirement in a particular month please submit a Leave of Absence request ( It should be noted that only certain reasons will be accepted for a period of LOA, such as a holiday, health issues, and issues of a similar severity.

Rule V6 ‒ 'Job tampering'

The tampering or falsification of job statistics is strictly prohibited. This includes the altering of job distance or income, via the use of mods, programs, or anything similar.

Rule V7 ‒ 'Driving Quality'
We expect all Phoenix VTC members to drive with the utmost care and professionalism whilst on TruckersMP, all the TruckersMP rules ( should be followed. We also ask members to be especially cautious on the roads linking Calais to Duisburg, and on the road leading to and from Kirkenes Quarry.

Double and triple trailers are permitted, in line with TruckersMP rules, however we ask that you exercise caution when using such vehicles.

The use of pilot cars when using the Phoenix tag is not permitted.

Rule V8 ‒ 'TruckersMP bans'

You must inform a member of our Human Resources team with 48 hours if you receive a ban on TruckersMP, Failure to notify us about your ban in a timely manner may result in stricter sanctions being applied.

Rule V9 ‒ 'Dual VTC'ing'
The act of dual VTC’ing is strictly prohibited. You must not be a driver for any other Virtual Trucking Company, or any other group which specialises in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and / or American Truck Simulator, whilst being a driver for Phoenix VTC. 

Exceptions can be made for drivers who wish to help in the role of Convoy Control, Media, or similar, for another organisation — provided drivers are not logging jobs for the company and inform our Human Resources team about the activities they will be undertaking with the outside organisation.

Rule V10 ‒ 'Convoys and Events'

The following rules should always be followed during convoys and at events being held by, or attended by Phoenix VTC;

- Please ensure you are using the official Phoenix skin during an event while representing Phoenix.
- Please follow instructions and directions given by Events Staff at an event.
- Please ensure that you are in the designated Voice Channel during the convoy. You do not have to or need to speak, but you need to be able to listen to directions given by staff. Phoenix Staff will NOT be giving instructions over CB Radio in game.
- Please ensure that you are following the rules given by Truckers MP while driving. Any reckless driving, wrong-way driving, or any other action that would be considered as a ban worthy offense will not be tolerated and could result in a HR case.
- Please do not overtake during an event unless you are instructed to do so.
- Please keep a sensible distance between yourself and the driver in front of you. If you are lagging, please keep towards the back of the convoy.
- Please respect others in voice chat. Friendly banter and joking are completely fine, however do not direct vulgar statements at another person. If someone is having a bad day and is asking that no banter or jokes are made at them, please respect their request.
- If you are streaming, we ask that you do not stream the voice channel in your stream.
- Please use common sense in anything not covered in these rules. If you ever have a question, do not hesitate to reach out to a member of the Phoenix Events Team.

Rule V11 ‒ 'Chain of command'
Please observe our Chain of Command before contacting a member of staff, as it will assist you in finding the correct person to get in touch with regarding your issue.

Version: 1.3
Latest Update: 07/01/21