Event Staff



Hi!! My name is Daniel and I currently live in Bolton, United Kingdom. I'm currently 29 years old and only getting older.
I was diagnosed with Autism in Jan 2016 and hearing loss in July 2019 and since then I have faced and overcome many challenges.
I've been trucking virtually a lot move over the past 12 months after meeting Stan, JJ and some of the other Phoenix staff members.
Through them, I found my love for all things trucking, and they helped me bring my confidence and social interactions to a level I'm happy with
Over the past year I have started collecting model trucks (the first being a Scania) and putting them on display in my office.
Since the opening of Phoenix I have streamed and recorded many of the convoys. Showing off the superb routes and events the team has put together.

During my spare time I run a F1 League on PC, drive long routes on Truck sims and racing in other simulation games.
In the evenings I like to relax with a nice fantasy book series and listening to the audiobooks as I read along.

It didn't take me long to make Phoenix my home. Basically living in the Discord server talking to the many friends I have made here.
And hopefully I can create some amazing and incredible scenic journeys for the drivers here.

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